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  • How much does web design cost in Calgary?
    The cost of Web Design in Calgary can vary: The most basic websites start at $2,000, and will provide you with site to direct your customers to so that they can learn about your business. The average website design costs between $3,500 and $5,500, setting you up with a solid online presence for your brand and an interface for your customers to engage with your business. Corporate website design costs +$7,500, varying depending on the depth of the project, the number of pages, and additional functions required. The cost of designing your website is based on a few factors: How many pages you have What features you require (e-commerce, databases, reservation and ordering) Your choice of website service (wordpress, editor X, webflow).
  • How long does it take for a site to be designed and built in Calgary?
    Most projects take between 3 weeks to a month to complete. Projects that are larger in scale, or that have additional features like e-commerce, may require some additional time to finalize. On a tight timeline? VOX can help!
  • What is the difference between a website designer and a website developer?
    A website designer is the person who is interested in the visual appearance and the user experience within a website. Their focus is making sure that your vision, your business, and your services are being communicated effectively to your customers, fans, or users. The web designer curates the experience of your users so that they are immersed in your brand. A website developer is the person who makes sure that everything that is so beautiful on the outside has a strong internal structure. The developer is tasked with coding in the functionality that keeps the website running smoothly, in cool foreign languages like HTML or JavaScript.
  • Will my website work on mobile devices?
    Of course, is there any other way? Your website is built with responsive design, allowing your site to scale between desktop, tablet, and mobile screens. Feel free to customize elements that you only want visible on just desktop or mobile screens.
  • What size of companies do you design websites for?
    studio VOX works with companies of all sizes. Based on your companies project requirements, the costs for your web design will vary. Whether you're making your own startup, or are a member of a corporate team, reach out and see what VOX can do for you.
  • Does studio VOX do web design or web development?
    Both! VOX believes that no good website can have one but not the other. At VOX, the experience of your website is at the forefront of our efforts. Once the perfect design for your business has been found, a strong structural framework is put in place to support your sites functionality.
  • Can you fix my old website?
    Usually no 😬. A lot of older websites are built on dinosaur software that bog your current website down. Updating these items can drastically effect the layout and functionality of your website if you haven't been updating these elements throughout the years. I generally opt for a new site to save time, costs, and give you a website that you won't even have to think about 5 years from now.
  • Will you write new content for my website?
    Generally, the information on your site should come from you. You're the expert of your business and its services, and your customers should hear that from you. I can always help and add some flavour, but the information behind your content is yours.
  • Do you work on projects outside of Calgary?
    Absolutely! I take on projects province wide, across Canada, and internationally. Reach out and let's figure out how I can help.
  • What makes you a ‘designer’ 🙄 ?
    Well... formally, I did my education in design with a Masters in Architecture at the Faculty of Environmental Design at the University of Calgary. But Also, design has always had a special place in my heart. I've come to understand 'designing' as the ability to curate the experience of a user, to evoke emotion and understanding through intention. When you bring designer to the table, the principals of design can be applied to a website, your brand, multi-media, your products, and your socials.
  • Why are you called studio VOX?
    studio: The full name is 'studio VOX Design Corp.' and this is a design studio. VOX: Vox is the latin word for voice. studio VOX: the design outlet for your voice.


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