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Landscape Supply Warehouse is a small business out of NE Calgary that provides wholesale prices for landscaping materials. With open-hours, a friendly and knowledgable team, this family owned business wanted to elevate their presence from just a brick and mortar business to an online platform, capable of receiving orders, helping customers calculate their material needs, and organizing delivery.

VOX had the pleasure of reimagining the LSW brand from the ground up. We provided a logo that payed homage to the industry, while maintaining a legacy colour scheme. Atop the branding, we created business cards that feature an embossed backing, reflecting the materials themselves that surround the business. The business cards also feature a custom QR code that parallels the stone mosaic of the logo, while featuring the brand colours. Along with the business cards, we created informational mailers and marketing materials to direct traffic to the business and website.

To add a little fun to the branding, we also animated the LSW logo so that anyone on the site can stumble upon yet another fun nod to the business. The animation features the rocks within the logo cascading into place, forming the Landscape Supply Warehouse logo.

VOX Services:

  • Web Design

  • Branding

  • Graphic Design

  • Product Design

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